Off grid Inverter Equipment Review: Sungrow, Deye, Victron, and Selectronic

Off grid Inverter Equipment Review: Sungrow, Deye, Victron, and Selectronic

1. Sungrow Inverters:

  • Overview: Sungrow is renowned for producing reliable and efficient inverters. Known for their advanced technology, Sungrow inverters are a popular choice in both residential and commercial solar installations.
  • Features: These inverters often feature high efficiency, wide voltage range, and smart monitoring systems. They are compatible with various types of solar panels and are relatively easy to install.
  • Performance: Sungrow inverters are praised for their stability and durability. They maintain high performance even in diverse weather conditions.
  • Pros: Excellent efficiency, robust build quality, and user-friendly monitoring options.
  • Cons: Some models may be on the pricier side, depending on the specifications.

2. Deye Inverters:

  • Overview: Deye is quickly becoming a notable name in the solar inverter market. Their inverters are designed with versatility and efficiency in mind.
  • Features: Deye inverters often come with integrated MPPT charge controllers, ensuring optimal energy harvesting. They also support remote monitoring and control.
  • Performance: Users report high satisfaction with the performance, noting particularly their effectiveness in maximizing solar energy conversion.
  • Pros: Versatile application, effective MPPT technology, and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Cons: Some users have noted limitations in the customization of settings.

3. Victron Energy Inverters:

  • Overview: Victron Energy is well-known for its high-quality, robust inverters, often used in off-grid and mobile applications.
  • Features: These inverters are highly durable, with models designed to withstand harsh environments. They often include unique power assist technology and are compatible with a wide range of batteries.
  • Performance: Victron inverters are celebrated for their reliability and consistent performance, particularly in off-grid setups.
  • Pros: Exceptional build quality, reliability, and versatility in battery compatibility.
  • Cons: The price point can be high, and the technology might be overkill for simpler installations.

4. Selectronic Inverters:

  • Overview: Selectronic is an industry leader, especially in off-grid solar solutions. Their inverters are tailored for heavy-duty use and complex energy systems.
  • Features: They are known for their advanced battery management and high surge capacity. Selectronic inverters can handle a wide range of AC loads efficiently.
  • Performance: These inverters are highly reliable, particularly in demanding environments and off-grid systems requiring robust energy management.
  • Pros: Excellent for complex systems, advanced battery management, and high durability.
  • Cons: The complexity of the systems might not be necessary for simpler setups, and the cost is relatively high.


Each of these inverter brands – Sungrow, Deye, Victron, and Selectronic – offers unique strengths suited to different solar energy needs. Your choice should depend on your specific requirements, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or off-grid use. Consider factors like system complexity, environment, budget, and specific features when selecting the right inverter for your solar setup.