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An off-grid solar system is freedom

An off-grid solar energy system provides real freedom and independence from energy providers and their bills. Off-grid solar systems have become more reliable than the grid and long-lasting. Most of the modern off-grid equipment comes with long warranties. Inverters and batteries normally have 10 years warranties and solar panels have from 10 to 25 years warranties.

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Installing Off-Grid Solar with my Dad

Originally a way to get my driving hours up, my dad’s business VRES – Valuable-Renewable-Electrical-Solar – had a recall all the way on the other side of Victoria. The trip was going to be great to add to my learner’s App, so I packed sandwiches and water to head on over to one of his recalled jobs.
Personally, I don’t know much – so my basic understanding of this recall was that something wasn’t installed correctly from one of my dad’s employees – and his guarantee is to make his customers satisfied.
We get to the destination which is on the other side of Victoria, and we meet Fred – who is the owner of the company 100up – which sell these strange red boxes I have never seen before.
He briefly explains to me these gadgets are in high demand; working to give costumers exactly what my dad’s solar panels do – renewable energy that is dearer in quality – yet slashes power bills to be inexpensive or near the cost of nothing.
Embarrassingly as my dad laughs in the background, I’m filmed by Fred to explain these Off-grid machines – in which I miss a lot of the important stuff that I didn’t know until know.
Such as how prosperously these new technologies aid health care facilities power their big buildings – without the expense for tax payers, remote communities can utilise Off-grid systems to demolish expensive powerlines, and environmentally less trees have to be cut down when the system is installed on households.
Together we shared lots of laughs – to finish off the hot day outside in the beaming sun with donuts.  

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We have been working in the solar energy industry for 10 years and ensuring quality is a vital part of the work we do with our clients. We can present the licenses and awards of our installers to assure you that your off-grid solar energy system installation is in the right hands.
You can find feedback from our clients and satisfied companies on our site. 

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Explore our range of systems and you can select the right one from our pre-designed packages of complete off-grid solar energy system solutions. Off-grid solar packages prices start from $16,000 for a 4kW system and go up to $46,000 for large 24kW system.

Off grid solar in Australia

The solar energy industry is among the most competitive industries in Austalia. Off-grid solar energy systems make it possible for families to enjoy modern living in remount areas. Australia has vast territories and very pure electrical grid penetration. The affordability and reliability of modern off-grid solar systems creates an opportunity for many people to move out of cities.

Off-grid solar system for grid-connected houses in regional Australia

Off-grid solar has become very popular on grid-connected houses in regional Victoria. Many grid providers do not allow any power to be exported to the grid. This happens a lot in regional Victoria, where solar energy is not just unable to be exported but it cannot be connected at all. Moreover, grid supply is also very weak in some areas. People prefer to install off-grid solar in these regions and use the grid as back up.

Off-grid solar systems - increase in demand in Australia

Off-grid solar will go up in demand as more people move out of the city as a result of the pandemic. According to the ABC, new regional agencies report an increase in a land sales. As a power connection to rural properties can cost at minimum $25k and the cost of service and electricity is only growing, off-grid solar energy systems are more in demand now than ever.

How many off-grid solar systems installed in 2019 ?

How many off-grid solar installations have happened in Australia is currently unknown figure. The only information provided is the overall number of battery installations. According to information from the Clean Energy Council website, 22,000 battery systems were installed in 2019. Most of them would be grid-connected systems.
The total number of solar energy systems installed in 2019 was 278,096 units. By May in 2020, 56,101 units had been installed. Victoria installed 10,319 solar energy units by May 2020. In the same time, Queensland got 14,372 solar units installed and NSW got 15,690 units. Victoria is not a leading state despite the extra rebate provided by the Victorian government. This data was retrieved from the clean energy regulator. 

Off-grid solar system now is a replacement for the grid

Off-grid solar is now is a replacement for the grid. Western Australian grid providers are now allowed to replace expensive grid lines with off-grid systems to service remote communities. read here

Off-grid solar market expects growth 

The solar panel market is expected to be worth USD176 Billion by 2027, according to Grand View Research.The off-grid solar market expects growth of around 8% as demand for decentralized power supply grows in remote communities.

How much power do my customers have?

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3 or 4 bedroom house off-grid solar system cost.

An Off-grid power system for an average 3- or 4-bedroom house can cost from $25k to $50K depending on the number of people living there and the number of electrical appliances being used in the household. For households using gas for cooking, off-grid solar power systems can cost as low as $25k. For households using an electric oven and electric cooktop, the off-grid power system will cost around $36k. And the off-grid system for a large family with a swimming pool will cost around $48k.ff

Off-grid solar or stand-alone power systems are a solution for every one

Feasibility for a family to have off-grid power instead grid

 Off-grid solar energy in Australia is very affordable. Even large consumers like mining industry use it. , Off-grid solar More reading here. Many people ask if it is feasible to build a family house off-grid. This is the answer: very possible. Even mining operations can be done with off-grid solar.

The off-grid solar is a big market

 The off-grid solar industry in Africa is a $1.75 billion industry with over 420 million users. By 2030, it will be a 6-11 billion industry. More off-grid solar reading here

Off-grid solar energy as a way to improve healthcare

 After the Ebola epidemic, Sierra Leone needed to improve power supply to health care facilities. Since there was very unreliable grid supply across the country, the off-grid solar system was a solution but came with some problems. more read here

Off-grid solar is a vital source of energy 

 Off-grid solar is a vital source of energy in rural areas in Asia. The World Bank committed significant funds, to deliver electricity to remote areas of Myanmar. More reading here

Off-grid solar system - street lights.

One of the most interesting and growing applications of off-grid solar is in street lights. The system is built as one device consisting of solar panels, a lithium solar battery and a LED lighting element. Off-grid street lights allow towns to avoid the complex and expensive infrastructure needed to power street lights. Any remote area now can have the same luxury of street lights as big cities.

Off-grid solar system and EV

To charge your EV from the off-grid solar system would require a large 20kw to 30kW solar PV array. Another problem is that you would have to have your car at home through the day or install a very big energy storage system with 40 to 60 kWh capacity.

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