Solar battery Victoria

Solar battery Victoria

In Victoria, we offer solar solutions including batteries for existing setups and complete solar systems with panels and batteries. Our aim is to enable homeowners to become grid-independent, with systems that can be tailored to make homes self-sufficient.

Many Australians seek solar batteries to reduce power bills, but are often disappointed by low feed-in tariffs, which limit the financial benefits of solar systems. A common misconception is that adding a battery to an existing solar setup will lead to significant savings. However, many systems, especially older ones with only 3-4kW of panels, aren’t capable of charging batteries effectively due to high household energy consumption, often exceeding 20kWh per day.

For a battery to be effective, a solar system should have at least 6kW of panels for households using less than 20kWh of energy per day. A battery size of 7-8kWh is ideal, with an optimal setup featuring up to 10kW of solar panels and a 10kWh or larger battery.

The cost of adding a solar battery starts at around $10,000, and it’s important to note that this upgrade requires replacing the inverter with a new hybrid model. Additionally, a large inverter is essential for powering the entire home with the battery.

There’s also interest in solar battery systems for charging electric vehicles. For an average household, a 20kW solar array and a 50kWh battery bank are needed. This setup, costing between $40,000 and $50,000, can enable off-grid living and car charging. However, during Victorian winters, grid support may be necessary.

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