Off-Grid Solar System and Ballarat Weather

Ballarat is our favourite region for off-grid solar systems, as it exemplifies the effectiveness of modern solar panels, even in an area known for having one of Australia’s harshest winters. The trick to making the solar system effective is simple: install as many solar panels as possible, either filling all available roof space or using a ground-mount system if the roof is not large enough. Installing an excessive number of panels does not significantly impact the system’s price, as each additional panel adds more rebate through the STC (Small-scale Technology Certificate) program. Additionally, the effective and fast charging capability of modern solar batteries, most of which are now lithium, allows for the utilization of any glimpse of solar available on winter days. A very effective and proven off-grid solar system size for Ballarat is 10kW. A common combination includes 10kW solar panels, a 10kW inverter, a 13.5kWh battery bank, and usually a small 6kVA generator on standby in some cases. Most of our customers’ homes have 2 or 3 residents. The cost of this 10kW off-grid solar system usually ranges from $28,000 to $32,000, depending on the battery bank and other installation factors.

Off-Grid Solar Systems Ballarat