Ultra-Lightweight Solar Panel

In a move to lighten the load for solar installations, Aiko, a solar manufacturer from China, has rolled out a new module in the Australian market that tips the scales at a mere 8.8kg. Dubbed the ‘Air Series,’ this 450W marvel swaps traditional solar glass for a high chemical plastic, shedding weight without compromising too much on power. While the switch does result in a slight dip in output—about 10V less than its glassy counterpart—the module still packs a punch with a peak power output of 450W.

Measuring 1758mm by 1137mm and framed with a 25mm border, the module stands out in the lightweight category. Unlike competitors such as Sunman, whose lightweight modules for roofs with low load-bearing capacities go frameless, Aiko’s inclusion of a frame bolsters reliability. The frame’s presence helps mitigate weathering risks associated with an exposed junction box.

However, it’s worth noting that while the module shines in performance, its product warranty is a modest 12 years, though it aligns with industry standards at 25 years for performance warranty.