Searching for the best solar equipment

Searching for the best solar equipment

Searching for the best off-grid inverter, solar panels, batteries, or solar system often involves diving deep into reviews written by unknown sources or asking installers, assuming they are experts. We browse the internet using the search term “BEST” in hopes of finding reliable information.

Ten years ago, the quality of products like solar panels and inverters was a major concern, but I believe we’ve truly moved past that point. From my observation, most of the solar panels and inverters available on the Australian market are of decent quality. The emerging product category is solar batteries, mainly lithium, and here we see new brands popping up with uncertain quality.

I’d like to highlight some brands that offer the best price-to-quality ratio:

Solar panels: Jinko, Trina, Santech, Longi

Off-grid capable solar inverters: Sungrow, Deye, Sigenery, Growatt, Steca, Alfaess

Batteries: Tesla, BYD, Pylontech, Sungrow, Alfaess, Sigenery. LG

Some of these brands position themselves as premium, while others are more affordable, but I don’t see any real issue with installing any of them. And yes, it appears that China is taking the lead in the solar industry.