35kW Off-Grid Solar System

35kW Off-Grid Solar System


The ‘Freedom’ off-grid solar system provides a substantial 35 kW of energy, ample for powering a fully electric household. It caters efficiently to the energy needs, including charging electric vehicles. Its robust capacity makes it a perfect fit for homes with swimming pools, offering a generous and reliable power supply.

Composed of three parallel systems, this setup guarantees uninterrupted power, ensuring that if any single unit fails, the remaining systems will continue to function normally without any disruption.

Sigenergy System include

Jinko solar panels 35kW—25/25 years warranty

Sigenergy lithium battery 48kWH usable capacity— 10 years warranty

Sigenergy inverter 6kW X 3 = 18kW inverter—10 years warranty. Remote monitoring

Possible Extension:

Batteries easy to add at a later stage

DC charger for Electric vehicle can be integrated into the system.

System cost $59k-$62 fully installed after rebate

Recommended generator size: 10kVa or bigger.

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