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Solar battery system for off grid

10.8kW 36X300w - solar panels options available
12kW 36 X 330W Trina solar panels - 10/25 years warranty.
13kW  36X365w REC or LG solar panels
 Ingetem inverter -10years warranty made in Spain
 12kWh Pylontech solar energy storage -7 years warranty

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Off grid/Hybrid solar energy sytem installed by
RE-ENERGY off grid solar Ballarat
12kW. 33X365 REC Alpha solar panels with Ingeteam inverter and BYD HV Solar Battery

Stand alone/Off grid solar energy solutions with ingetam inverter and Pylontech 12kWh solar battery and 26 Trina 330W solar panels Installed by Radian Energy - off grid solar installer from Geelong

System capability

Solar Generation 12kW

July average production 16-20kWh a day - generator may not be necessary, depends on usage.
Plenty of power in summer to run air conditioner

Ingeteam inverter

Up to 13kW Solar charger - Battery bank can be charged in one hour , insure no solar energy wasted.
Peak AC Power supply 7.9kW
Supplies Continues AC 6kW at ambient temperature 40°C
System will be connected to 32A circuit breaker . 

Solar Battery

10kWH for every day use.
2kWh emergency capacity
Extendable battery bank  

Off grid-Hybrid solar energy system  

Example of what you can run with 6kW power simultaneously

Simple installation, compact and powerful off grid solar energy system with Ingeteam inverter

Single inverter system 

Ingecon ISS 1 play inverter
3 to 15kW solar panels
11.5kW Solar Battery Charger
AC power 6kW continues at 40°C (11.5kW with Grid/Gen support)  

Two inverters system 

Up to 30kW of solar panels
22.5kW Solar battery Charger
AC  11.5kW at 40°C continues power from Battery
Inverter installation in series 

Monitoring system

Any time any where, keep control.
System send e-mail notification in case of any falue .

Batteries options

Power Plus lithium battery
120V 3.3kWh
10 years warranty
Made in Australia 

BYD lithium energy storage
250v 6.4kWH
Up to 5 units can be installed - activated in October
10 years warranty
Made in China 

Pylontech lithium battery
High Voltage scalable system
activated in October
10 years warranty
Made in China 
Pylontech Battery cabinet
Pylontech product information
Pylontech company presentation

Solar panels arrays

Inverter PV input volatge Vmpp=230v X 1.44

Inverter required high pv voltage input, typical 300Watt panels installed in a strings of 11-12 panels. The high voltage panels like Sunpower installed in a strings of 7 panels. Please use Ingeteam SunPlanner to correctly design system. For grid connected system strings have to be maximum number of panels. Voc max 550V.