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Best Off grid/Hybrid inverter

Stand alone Solar (off grid solar)
or Grid connect solar energy system
We got it covered all in one solution.

Flexible off grid or grid connect solar energy solution

This solar energy system can provide up to 11.5kW of AC power to your house. It is capable of automatically starting the generator or use a grid as a back-up option. It is also capable in exporting power the electrical grid. It can be installed with 3 to15kW of solar panels. Solar energy system can be installed with  lithium or led battery.

WIFI connection monitoring system

Residential, commercial and utility-scale PV plants
Self-consumption applications
Solar-plus-storage systems
Large-scale PV plants

Two Ingeteam at Glen Morris Smart Lab

Two inverters installed in series, this allow connecting up to 30kW off panel and providing up to 11.5kW continuous power. Currently testing system at smart lab