Challenge your off-grid solar supplier – with our best off grid solar system.
Can your supplier build system to the speck below,  for price range $44-47k ??

50A continues power up to 40°C

Main circuit breaker 40A same as grid connected houses

25kW of solar panels
25kW battery charging power

Very unlikely that average house hold would need generator

24kWH energy storage 90%DOD easy extendable 

Large and easy extendable and one of the best performing solar energy storage. See report here:

Dual inverter system - Double reliability, one inverter fail system still gives 6kW supply.

Always have power supply; half of the off-grid system will give you enough power for comfort time while we fix the system.

Off-grid power supply without battery

This system will be supplying power from panels alone if needed.
Old type of AC coupled system will be dead if battery completely flat.

One point of tech support for Inverter and batteries

Most of the system requires engaging in to tech support from battery make or inverter make.

10 years warranty for system

Inverter, batteries and solar panels got min 10 years warranty.

Comprehensive monitoring system and online access to the system by our engineers any time.

Many systems are not capable to be managed remotely as they built from different components


Off-grid system can be built to meet speck above but at wat price?

Best off-grid solar system