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Mildura SunraySolar is an off-grid solar energy installer with many years of experience in the solar industry. SunraySolar provides cutting edge technology for off-grid solar solutions.

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Off-grid solar in Iraak near Mildura VIC

We completed a new 8kW off-grid solar energy system at a place called Iraak which is about 30km from Mildura. The system was installed by the local company SunRay solar. The system consists of 22 solar panels 370W each, Ingetaem 6TL off-grid inverter, and 9.6kWH Pylontech lithium battery.

Life with Off-grid solar in Victoria

Off-grid solar system container house near Mildura

Off-grid solar energy is the future

• Mildura is an incredibly productive place for solar energy. Solar energy systems installed in Mildura attracted the same amount of STC rebate as those in Queensland. A small 10kW off-grid solar system can provide enough energy to run the average family house off-grid all year around.

• The best off-grid solar energy equipment is available right here in Mildura. Locally owned and operated solar business SunraySolar provides local support and installation of off-grid solar systems built with Ingetam Inverters and Pylontech solar batteries.

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