5kW Off-Grid Solar System Sigenergy

5kW Off-Grid Solar System Sigenergy




This system is designed for a 1-2 person household and consumes  minimal power. It efficiently supports a comfortable lifestyle, although there is a limitation with the inverter’s power, which is capped at 4kW during night time. We recommend using a gas stove and gas water heater to complement this system. A small air conditioner can be  operated, but be mindful not to use multiple high-power appliances, such as a kettle and toaster, simultaneously

Sigenergy System include

Jinko solar panels 5kW—25/25 years warranty Sigenergy lithium battery 8kWH usable capacity—10 years warranty.

Sigenergy inverter 5kW inverter—10 years warranty Remote monitoring.

Possible Extension:

Batteries easy to add at a later stage

Solar panels array can be extended up to 10kW

DC charger for Electric vehicle can be integrated into the system.

System cost $14k-$18 fully installed after rebate

Recommended generator size: 6kVa or bigger.

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