12kW Off-Grid Solar System Sigenergy

12kW Off-Grid Solar System Sigenergy



This system is suitable for a household with three people and provides 6kW of power from the inverter, which is generally sufficient for most homes. It can handle modern kitchen appliances that are plugged into standard outlets. However, hardwired equipment may risk overloading the system. Users should be cautious not to operate multiple appliances, such as kettles or cooktops, at the same time to ensure the system runs smoothly.

Sigenergy System include

Jinko solar panels 12kW—25/25 years warranty Sigenergy lithium battery 13kWH usable capacity—10 years warranty.

Sigenergy inverter 6kW — 10 years warranty Remote monitoring.

Possible Extension:

Batteries easy to add at a later stage.

DC charger for Electric vehicle can be integrated into the system.

System cost $26k-$27k fully installed after rebate

Recommended generator size: 6kVa or bigger

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