12kW Off-Grid Solar System HIGH POWER

12kW Off-Grid Solar System HIGH POWER



This 12kW system is ideal for a household of three to four people, providing 10 kW of power from the inverter. It is quite similar to the power supplied by grid providers, with a maximum demand of 40A, approximately 10 kW. The system can generate over 20 kWh per day on average during winter, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for generator use. The battery bank is sufficient to last about 24 hours.

The advantage of this configuration is its dual-system setup operating in parallel, which ensures that in the event of a failure in one system, the other will seamlessly continue to provide power supply without interruption

Sigenergy System include

Jinko solar panels 12kW—25/25 years warranty.

Sigenergy lithium battery 20kWH usable capacity—10 years warranty

Sigenergy inverter 5kW X 2 = 10kW inverter—10 years warranty.

Remote monitoring

Possible Extension:

Batteries easy to add at a later stage

Solar panels array can be extended up to 20kW

DC charger for Electric vehicle can be integrated into the system.

System cost $32k-$34 fully installed after rebate

Recommended generator size: 10kVa or bigger

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